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Molinera Supplier

Updated: 4 days ago

Are you looking for a distributor or supplier of Molinera products here in the Philippines? MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. is here to serve you!

MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. is an authorized distributor or supplier of Molinera products including the following:

Molinera Vegetables

  1. Molinera Artichoke Hearts (12 x 935g)

  2. Molinera Black Olives Pitted (6 x 935g)

  3. Molinera Black Olives Sliced (6 x 935g)

  4. Molinera Caperberries (6 x 935g)

  5. Molinera Cocktail Onions (6 x935g)

  6. Molinera Green Olives Pitted (6 x 935g)

  7. Molinera Green Olives Stuf/Pim (6 x 935g)

  8. Molinera Green Olives Pitted Queen (6 x 935g)

  9. Molinera Jalapenos Sliced (6 x935g)

  10. Molinera Natural Red Kidney Beans (24 x400g)

  11. Molinera Natural White Beans (24 x 400g)

  12. Molinera Peeled Tomatoes (6 x 2550g)

  13. Molinera Pickles in Vinegar (6 x935g)

  14. Molinera Red Pimientos (24 x 185g)

  15. Molinera Sundried Tomatoes (6 x 700g)

  16. Molinera Sundried Tomatoes (2 x 2900g)

  17. Molinera Tomato Pulp (6 x 2500g)

Molinera Olive Oil & Truffle Oil

  1. Molinera Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

  2. Molinera Pomace Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

  3. Molinera Intense Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

  4. Molinera Mediterranean Olive Oil Blend (3 x 5L)

  5. Molinera White Truffle Oil (in Olive Oil) (6 x25oml)

  6. Molinera White Truffle Oil (in Sunflower Oil) (12 x 250ml)


About the Supplier

MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. (MSCS), is a distributor and sub-distributor of imported and local food, and other consumer goods in the Philippines. MSCS was established in May 2015 as a family-owned company.

MSCS distributes its wide range of products inclu