Extra Virgin, Pure, Pomace, & Mediterranean Olive Oil Supplier

Updated: Mar 20

Are you looking for a Foodservice distributor or supplier of OLIVE OIL in Metro Manila and nearby provinces as well as in Cebu? MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. offers great selections for you!

MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc. is a distributor or supplier of Olive Oil in the Philippines, as follows:

Molinera Olive Oil

1. Molinera Mediterranean Olive Oil Blend (5L)

2. Molinera Mediterranean Olive Oil (500ml)

3. Molinera Pomace Olive Oil (5L)

4. Molinera Pure Olive Oil (5L)

5. Molinera Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5L)

Dolce Vita Olive Oil

1. Dolce Vita Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

2. Dolce Vita Pomace Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

3. Dolce Vita Pure Olive Oil (3 x 5L)

Note: Some of the items available in Manila may not be available in Cebu and vice-versa.

Types of Olive Oils and Applications

Olive Oils have been touted by many as the supreme oil for its numerous health benefits. It is also an all-rounder that can be used not only in the kitchen but also as a carrier in some skincare products, including soaps, massage oils, and cosmetics.

But not all olive oils are created equal. They differ in physical appearance, taste, and healthful value. Let's take a look at each type of Olive Oil, the specific application of each as well as their benefits.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or EVOO is a crowd favorite. It undergoes the least processing and is made only by crushing the olives into a pulp, while others are cold-pressed, some even unfiltered to get the most of its bountiful health benefits. Its flavor is also the most pleasant, rich, and a combination of fruity-bitter taste. It is the perfect choice in salads for its rich aroma and taste.

It has significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight chronic diseases, lower the risk of heart disease and blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, strokes, and even obesity.

Molinera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the top consumer's choice especially in the Foodservice for its superior quality and economical value.

Pure Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil, although with a kind of misleading word "pure" is actually a blend of refined olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Comparing it with EVOO, it has very low in nutritional value but its smoking point makes it a very good choice for heavy-duty cooking.

Virgin Olive Oil

A little bit inferior to extra virgin olive oil, Virgin Olive Oil is very versatile as it can be used in a variety of cooking purposes, mainly for sauté and baking, as salad drizzle and Rich in Vitamin E, Virgin Olive Oil is excellent for body and hair massage as well.

Pomace Olive Oil

Olive pomace oil at the bottom of Olive Oils when it comes to health b