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3 Clever Ways to Uplevel Your Food Presentation to Attract More Customers

Updated: Apr 30

It is quite a normal scenario nowadays to see people take their phones and snap an “Instagram-Worthy” photo of their food before digging in…

Sounds like you? Yeah, us, too!

That is why food presentation is so important. It is even a powerful marketing tool to advertise for free; your customers will do it for you. If your food is picture-perfect that is.

Why is Food Presentation Important?

Love at first sight! That is, we eat with our eyes first.

When you see a food that is so aesthetically appealing, your mind sends a signal to your brain, it’s almost as if you can almost taste it in your mouth. It also forms a very good impression and a sense of professionalism to customers. Studies conducted show that food that looks good effectively makes it taste just as good, too!

3 Ways to Make Food Presentation Good

  1. Plating Techniques: Now, this may form a whole new topic in itself as there are hundreds of recommended plating techniques for different type of dish. But a rule of thumb here is to consider plate size, contrasting colors, avoid overcrowding, and the arrangement of food on the plate. For simple to follow recommendations, check out some Plating Tips here.

  2. Always Add Color: Speaking of color, this is one of the easiest ways to add visual appeal to your prepared meal and accentuate what you are serving customers. Complementary and opposing colors work best. Depending on the food being served, too. Desserts of course would have more appeal if they are bright and colorful. A formal, sit-down menu tends to be more neutral in tone. Aside from adding greens and using natural fruits such as beetroot or berries to naturally color your food. And you can also opt to use premium food colors such as McCormick's product line.

  3. Packaging: Dinnerware, take-out containers must be well-thought-out, too. It forms a lasting impression on your customers so it is wise to make an effort to choose quality packaging as well.

To cap it off, a very good food presentation makes a meal more enjoyable as it enhances the guest’s dining experience and satisfaction. So whether you are in the Foodservice business or preparing meals at home - go on, generously add a dash of color whenever you can. You'd be delighted to discover a world of difference it would make to your meal (or your business!)


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