Online Retail Grocery (ORG)


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Due to Enhanced/General Community Quarantine, we are currently understaffed. Rest assured, once this lockdown ends, we will be able to work at full capacity.

  • Delivery will be from Monday to Saturday only.

  • Next day delivery for orders received from Monday to Friday. Orders received on Saturday after the cut off time will be delivered until Tuesday.

  • The daily cut-off time is 5 PM. Orders and/or payments including sending of proof of payment made after the cut-off time will be considered orders made and paid the following day.

  • Delivery within the specific locations in Metro Manila only (see delivery coverage below).


  • By using our website and/or transacting with MSCS PrimeGoods, Inc., you fully agree to our terms & conditions stated here: TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  • The restocking of items is normally done every day.

Delivery Coverage:

We currently deliver in certain areas of Metro Manila listed under Delivery Coverage.

If your address is outside the covered areas, your orders will be auto-archived and canceled.

Policies on Delivery

Payment: Bank Transfer. We also accept Cash on Delivery.

Minimum Amount Order

Minimum Order: P500.00

Delivery & Parking Fee, (if applicable)

Delivery Fee: P69.00. after 3km radius. The delivery fee excludes the parking fee if the delivery address requires parking. 

Policies on Tip

Tipping is not required. If you insist due to your generosity, we give all the tips collected to the drivers.

Waiting Time

Time is gold. Thus, the maximum waiting period is 10 minutes. 

Pre-Delivery Process:


1) We need you to email back to confirm that you can receive the Delivery. Rush Orders are the same day to next day delivery.

2) If all items are complete and a driver is available, you will then receive an SMS/Call from us before the actual delivery. Please answer or reply. This is to make sure that you are able to receive the deliveries. If you do not get a call/SMS on the morning of the tentative delivery date, then your delivery might not push through. This may be due to incomplete items, driver availability, bad weather. Our aftersales team will contact you for your next available day/time.

3) We will not deliver unless we can confirm with you through SMS or Call.

4) For questions, comments, issues regarding your delivery you can reach us: Although we monitor our social media channels, we do not or cannot continuously follow up through Facebook messenger, PM, or comments. We prefer a telephone/mobile call or SMS for a faster response.

Guidelines On Receipt of Your Delivery:

1.) Please inspect your deliveries for completeness and quality. Our drivers are trained and instructed to help you out with this. Ensure that you check the items first before signing "Received items in good condition", MSCS' delivery personnel will not be liable for any damages after signing the receipt/sales invoice.

2.) You may refuse products that don't meet your requirement. Please coordinate with us on if you wish us to re-deliver. By default, we don't re-deliver but we can certainly make exceptions. Please note that images in posts may differ from the ones delivered.

3.) Just in case you are already scheduled for delivery, and you are leaving your house or office please ask someone to receive and pay the product/s for you.