Online Retail Grocery (ORG)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is the Online Retail Grocery price the same price for orders made through the Foodservice? 

No, the price in Online Retail Grocery is different from Foodservice. Foodservice generally offers a discounted price due to the minimum amount of purchase and enjoys free of the delivery charge.

Can I order other than through the Online Retail Grocery platform?

1. Yes, you can choose the products you selected and Viber us at 09171284151. You will receive confirmation of your order and subsequent delivery.

2. Yes, you may also order by calling our Sales Team at Contact Us during office hours.

Can I Change My Order in ORG?

You may change your order as long as you haven’t checked out and confirmed your order, you can still change the items in your cart. However, if you have already clicked the “Place order” button, you can email us at or call or SMS at 09171284151 and use your invoice number as a reference to inform us that you want your order changed. You will then receive instructions via email or by phone on how to change your order.

Can I Reschedule My Order?
Yes, you can. We request that you reschedule orders 1 day prior to the emailed delivery date. Orders Rescheduled will be delivered on the set delivery date.  In case of rescheduled deliveries on the delivery date, we may charge an additional P50.00 delivery charge on top of your bill. Please understand that the drivers have braved Metro Manila Traffic. Please also email us regarding your request to reschedule. Failure to do so will assign your order as canceled.

Can I Cancel My Order?
Yes, you can. We request that you cancel orders within 3 hours after orders have been placed. Orders Cancelled on the set delivery date will be canceled but further orders from you will be put on review. This is to avoid fraudulent orders that not only waste time for the staff and drivers but also deny other customers of service.


How Can I follow-up my order?

To follow up on your orders please email us at or call or SMS at 09171284151.


What if some of the items in my order are missing?

If you find that your order seems to be lacking an iter or few items, kindly inform our rider and then email us at or call or SMS at 09171284151 we will gladly deliver said items on the same day.

My order arrived but some items included are not my order, what should I do?

Kindly inform our rider about the discrepancy then email us at or call or SMS at 09171284151 to notify us. We will deliver the correct items on the same day, when possible.




What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment mode:
 1.) Cash On Delivery (COD)
 2.) BDO online transfer 
 3.) Gcash


What is the minimum amount limit for purchasing items?

Our minimum purchasing limit is Php500. 

Do I have to tip the driver who brings my order?

Tipping is not required. If you insist due to your generosity, we give all the tips collected to the drivers.


What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours are from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Who is delivering my order?

We have our own delivery service. We have designated riders who are part of our team.

How can I check my order delivery status?

You can call or text us at 09171284151 to follow up on the delivery status of your order.

How can I reschedule my delivery?

If you would prefer your order to be delivered on a specific time and day, you can include it in the Customer Note box before confirming your order. If you already have an order set for delivery but would like to reschedule the delivery date, by email at or call or SMS at 09171284151 to notify us.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

Don’t worry about missing your delivery window. We will always contact you first on the day of your delivery to notify and remind you about your order so you can inform us in case you won’t be available for that day.

What if my delivery arrives late?

In the event that we feel your delivery will be delayed due to bad weather, traffic conditions, or other calamities, we will make sure to inform you via text before 6:00 pm.


Please also indicate your order number. It is better to follow up through email than through comments on our page/ads since we can respond to emails faster. For questions, you can SMS us at Globe - 09171284151. Our aftersales personnel is available from 8 am - 6 pm. Outside of staff hours please send us an email.